The goal of this website is help to pokie players of how to win at pokies and the information that will help you to make it more enjoyable and profitable.

Starting at How to Win at Pokies

Before everything, I feel the need to say that all those methods to "beat the pokies" are either lying or trying to rip you off. What we will give you are the steps that will allow you to enjoy and increase your chances of winning.

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Win at Pokies

Pokies are fun, plain and simple. Gamblers play pokies online because the game is enjoyable, not because offers huge regular payouts you dream about. Sometimes you get a VERY NICE jackpot, but always stick to pokies that put a smile on your face and you'll feel like you've won big.

The big truth about win at pokies is that a large portion of your winnings comes from luck. As much as we all like to think that our pokie wins come from the way we push the button or position of our tongues in our mouth's, that is just not the case. However, to win at pokies is not impossible, and if you can understand how the online pokies work then you will be one step near from being in the green. Read more...

About Online Pokies and How to Win at Pokies

Online Pokies are impossible to cheat but offer to players a multitude of gaming experiences and can for sure entertain you 24 hours a day.

Pokies are the most popular casino game since were invented in 1894 in San Francisco. the concept of a dealer-free casino game which required no skill to win and play them at your own pace has fascinated everybody since the begging.

Playing Pokies is great fun. With proper strategies, playing the online pokies doesn't have to be tough on your bankroll and there is always the anticipation of hitting a nice jackpot.


Myths and Facts of How to Win at Pokies

I consider a must to clarify some myths and facts around pokies, these false believes are the one who will decrease your opportunities of any possible winning.

Facts about Pokies

FACT #1 - All pokies are NOT created equal. They may look identical, but they are programmed totally different.

FACT #2 - The online casino always has the advantage. Most pokies are programmed to pay out between 90% and 99% of the credits placed into them.

FACT #3 - When the reels stop spinning and you see the final combination, you are merely seeing the "will" of the Random Number Generator. YOU as a player DO NOT affect the final outcome.

Myths of Pokies

  • 1st Myth: There are up and down Cycles at pokies
  • There are not down or up cycles. It may appear that they do this but is more of your mind playing you tricks. Each spin has the same chance of winning.

  • 2nd Myth: The odds at pokies change depending on how much you bet.
  • No. The odds of winning are always the same. They do not change if you bet one cent per spin or bet five dollars. If you play less than maximum lines you will however miss out on the wins on the lines you didn't bet on.

  • 3rd Myth: A pokie that has received extended play with no significant payouts is "due" to hit. Or if a pokie has hit for the top jackpot, it isn't going to hit it again for a very, very long time.
  • There is NO truth to this myth at all as outcomes are already decided by a combination of randomness and probability factor (RNG).

  • 4th Myth: You can tell if a pokie is going to pay out based on the symbols
  • This myth seems to be popular. There is no way to predict what a online pokie will do depending on the symbols that are on the reels before. As the result of every spin are totally independent of the games before (or after).

    After this clarification of myths and facts at pokies

    Now that you know the Myth and Facts at pokies online, and I hope you read the main points to understand pokies.. Of course I will give you some tips of how to win at pokies to increase your chances to enjoy and who knows maybe a big winner. CLICK HERE to read the Tips of How to Win at Pokies.

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